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A Book About Italian Heritage

About the Book

A Memoir

From Italy and Back: Coming Full Circle is a memoir about finding one's roots and celebrating one's ancestry. Ann Votta lovingly describes her childhood memories growing up in an Italian-American family as well as her travels in Italy reconnecting with family members who didn't leave Italy as immigrants in the early 1900s like her grandparents did. She also shares what it took  to achieve dual citizenship. It is a great read for anyone interested in their heritage and want to learn more.


"While many of our Italian ancestors left behind everything they knew in search of a better life for their families, today their descendants pay homage to them by keeping their culture and traditions alive. Ann tells an honest and heartfelt story about what it means to be an Italian-American. From what it's like growing up in an Italian-American family to returning to Italy to discover her roots, her story is personal yet very relatable to any of us who grew up with ancestors from The Old World. It was an honor to help Ann along her path to reconnecting with her heritage."

Peter Farina, Founder and President of ItalyMONDO!LLC, Amsterdam, New York (USA)/Campobasso, Molise (Italy)


What a lovely book about a happy, close knit family and how the author researched her Italian family history. I could easily relate to the author’s love of Italy since I had traveled there when I was young to visit Rome and Florence. I met some of my Italian relatives at the time but unfortunately I lost contact with them over the years. I enjoyed reading about the author’s adventures and travels in Italy and how she seems to enjoy everything Italian, from the food and shopping, the scenery and history, to the beautiful and friendly people. This book has inspired me to try to do research on my Italian side of my family and my paternal grandparents who were born in Italy. I won a copy of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway.



This was a really sweet book. It's hard not to feel like you could be great friends with the author, she was vivacious, sincere, and humorous. I wish there had been more anecdotes and stories about her families life. I identified with her family so much as my husband is from a classic Italian family. I loved their adventures through Italy, especially Alan's diary entries. I wish there had been more pictures to coincide with his journaling. He had a great way of describing their adventures with humor and wit. I left the book feeling very hungry and satisfied.


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